Hey world #37 : special focus on my new life!

Hey world!

I’m back for good! And FWI: I’m all low profile style.
To all my audience, friends and fans included, here’s a little reminder for ya: from now on, my new moto is the Less Is More rule.
So, world, first of all: forget about smileys, exclamation points in huge quantity and exaggerations.

Then, world, you’ll probably notice the relookind of my blog, which perfectly reflects my life(as a mirror would do, this is kindda what we call a metaphore in French literature, you know).
As you’ll learn it in my short resume, I’m headed to the Big Apple and have a real job – a very intellectual one! Now that I’m working in a “trendy arty” atmosphere, I need to adapt. That’s why I’ve decided not be the habitual spoiled child I used to be. I grew up. I’ve also learned from my (actually few) mistakes.
Now that I live in the village, I’ve became a hipster. But come on, world, I’ve obviously kept my own personality! That’s why I consider myself as a Hippstyller – a fashionnista hipster. I’m still hesitating on the name of my movement but I’m definitely a trendsetter of this new kind of lifestyle: being a hipster while keeping a high sense of fashion. So, world, I’m just adding glamour and fun to boring stuff such as underground culture, street art, folk music, etc. I just realized that mainstream is so 2012 and also that alternative state of mind is the old mainstream (and therefore, also so 2012!). Be careful world, I’m not saying that I’m looking forward to 2013! No, world! I’m already focusing on 2020. I’ll still be young, fabulous and at the top of my career as a powerful businesswomen so from today to the next 7 years, I’m planning to change the world – and rock yours 😉

Keep you updated!


Your legendary Y.S.D.


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Hey, world! #36

Hey, world!

It’s been SUCH a long time since I haven’t talked about shoes! WTF????? I mean: what’s wrong with me, right?!!

Totally georgeous: that's my favourite ones!!!!

So, as I’m busy as hell, I had a quick look at Vogue’s dossier about it shoes for next summer and it is just perfect 🙂






So Wonderwoman! And so much like me...

I highly and strongly recommend to ANY fashionnista in the world to know it by heart by tonight and to buy them all by…well, let’s say by next Thurday, girls! Come on, it’s Women’s Day today!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s make compulsive purchases 🙂 🙂 🙂 LOL




Always here for fashion. And style.




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Hey, world! #35

Hey, world!

Today, I propose a toast to celebrate the marvellous institution, the inspiring brand and the powerfull image of fashion which embodies DIOR.

Yes, world, this is a tribute to beauty, creativity and style.

So, for those who didn’t know yet (how odd, right?) I strongly recommand to learn more about it, ASAP please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come on, guys, let’s Facebook and You Tube it RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks, social media 🙂

And thanks, Dior 🙂

J’adore, Dior and j’adore you, world!



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Hey, world! #34

Hey, world!

Wanna learn more about my special day (I mean, my B-day of course!)? Well, well, world, as you are so special to me, I will make an exception and confess a bit more to you…ready to be jealous?????? Let’s go, then!

So, as you aldready know, world, I went to LA for big celebrations at Chateau Marmont (where else would I possibly go, right?!). Needless to mention that my beloved Daddy booked the entire place JUST for me and my friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks, Dad 🙂

That was SO relaxing…but also so  much fun as everybody set up one of the most decadent party of all time! I defenitely need to be more reasonnable now…

But, hey, world! I said too much already!!!!! I really have to protect my privacy, you know… So, that’s all, guys 🙂

From LA with love,



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Hey, world! #33


A very quick update just for you before going to bed (see, how special you are to me?!) : I spent my B-Day in LA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

City of Angels: I definitely love you!

That was SO amazing, world!!! I NEED to tell you all about it but now…my perfect day is over and I need to rest 🙂

So : happy B-day to me for the last time, yay!!!!!!!!!!

Love you all & take care,



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Hey, world! #32

Hey, world!

I’m back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m back for good and I’m back to wish everyone on earth a Happy Saint Valentines’ day!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve missed you so much, world, thatI wanna claim you my inconditionally love out loud and so badly!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love you, world!

Love is you, love is ALL, yay!

Peace and love to you, world!

Always here for love,



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Hey, world! #31

Hey, world!


Spotted: Beth Dito, openning Jean Paul Gaultier couture’s défilé in Paris!!!!!!!!!! How cool is that??!!??!! Go kick some tied-fashion-ass, Jean Paul!!!!









Not only THE king of fashion is revisitng famous French Cancan by (re)mixing it with punk influences but also he actually offered a 3D fashion show!!!!!!!!!!! So…I have to say: what else?



And bravo





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