Hey, world! #3

Hey, world!

Oh. My. God. I have so much to tell you, world!! Did I mention I totally love, adore and worship Kim Kardashian? She’s just perfect, she’s so cool and pretty and sexy! I so wanna be like her. And, she’s like a role model you know ’cause she’s working and modelling and so is her mom: they’re powerfull, strong women. Like Sarah Pallin and Hillary Clinton in the politic sphere of, you know, mediatic image. I think it’s good to be fan of such icons. They help me move on in my own life. Yay!

And for the record: resolution #1 is to become such a symbol of feminity, empowerment and fashion, like Kim. Thanks, Kim for being so great.

Talk to you soon, world!




About heyworldxo

I'm a Canadian student (I was born in Lebanon, then moved to France and finally ended in Ontario, which is THE best place to live)who tries to be a better person by sending positive messages and news to all my friends, supporters and (soon) fans!
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