Hey, world! #5

Hey, world!

Or should I say: “Help, world!”? Oh. My. God. I am such a dushdag! Does somebody know how to organise this blog???? Why do ALL my completely foolish post appear randomly on my blog’s wall? I don’t know what to do since my beloved brother isn’t home yet and won’t answer his phone!!!! Please geek community, help me! There must be someone…anyone?????!!!!!!!!!

Oh, god I need to calm down! Ok, talk to you soon folks!
Don’t laugh at me, world.

Bye! XO



About heyworldxo

I'm a Canadian student (I was born in Lebanon, then moved to France and finally ended in Ontario, which is THE best place to live)who tries to be a better person by sending positive messages and news to all my friends, supporters and (soon) fans!
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