Hey, world! #10


Hey, world!

Here’s a quick reminder of a very important fact: fraternity. Friendship. I love France since I lived there a long time when I was a little girl and then a teenager (yep! I was.), but can I say I love Canada more? I’m not sure, it’s kinda hard to tell. Anyways, world. Here’s a peacefull message to “Franada”, France and Canada, and the fraternity between them.

To these beautiful countries, and to all the other countries in the world. We all deserve friendship you know. All of us human beings.




About heyworldxo

I'm a Canadian student (I was born in Lebanon, then moved to France and finally ended in Ontario, which is THE best place to live)who tries to be a better person by sending positive messages and news to all my friends, supporters and (soon) fans!
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