Hey, world! #9


Hey, world!

Oh.My.God. OMG alert!!! So, world I was doing some research based on beauty, fashion and 2011 looks for NYE’s rehearsals, AND I saw this: next Flare’s issue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to read it 🙂 🙂 🙂

While I’m waiting for this, I met my future new favourite dress, which I’m going to buy this afternnon at the mall with my BFFs Ashley and Taylor!!!!! Look at this amazing piece of fashion:


Absolutely georgeous, right?!
So, now I need shoes. Shoes, shoes, shoes! I’m so excited, world! I really love this day. I couldn’t be happier -oh, wait, except if Kim Kardashian was here in Toronto!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, ok, I have to stay calm. And serious. Back to shoes! So, those ones aren’t too bad:

But I found them in the same article: http://www.flare.com/shopping/photos/31589–holiday-gift-guide-2010-gifts-for-her?p=3 which is a fashion faux pas alert. I can’t wear a dress and shoes of the same artcile, it would be too classic and sad. Nice ty, shoes! I need more. What about those ones:

Cute, eh? http://www.fashionmagazine.com/blogs/tag/shoes/

Ohlala! I love the jungle trend to be back! Next summer will definitely be ethnic, yet not safari style but you know, more “back to the roots” spirit! Very cute too for this winter:

Open toes? Half? Or not? Louboutin, or not Louboutin? That is THE question! God, I don’t know.  Let’s see those:

I must try ’em on. Let’s go to the mall, ladies! I would like to thank ELLE US online for this brilliant article that you can also read, world: http://www.elle.com/Accessories/Accessories-Spotlight/Red-Leopard/%28imageIndex%29/0/%28play%29/false

Well, well, bye folks!


Y.S.D. Fashion Reporter for a day-


About heyworldxo

I'm a Canadian student (I was born in Lebanon, then moved to France and finally ended in Ontario, which is THE best place to live)who tries to be a better person by sending positive messages and news to all my friends, supporters and (soon) fans!
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2 Responses to Hey, world! #9

  1. chickbone lullabye says:

    Hey !!! I am such a big BIG fan of those heels…. Thank u so much 4 sharing those pictures, giving some happiness is SO important ! Keep going please, I was waiting 4 such a great blog 4 very long !!! (>”.”<)

    • heyworldxo says:

      Ow, thank you SO much!!!!!!!!!!!! It feels so good to read such lovely comments! That’s so nice of you!!! It really encourages me you know, I almost cried reading your post you know, I’m not overreacting at all! You give me so much confidence! Thanks again. Talk to you soon!
      Take care 🙂

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