Hey, world! #17

Hey, world!

I’m finally back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know you missed me, but you know what? I’ve missed you more! I’m so glad to talk to you!!!!! Wait, wait, first of all, let me wish you an amazing new year! HAPPY NEW FUCKING AWESOME 2011 TO YOU, WORLD! You really deserve it. I’m so glad to share it with you, world. You know, it really is important for me to say it.

So, I guess you wonder all about my NYE’s trip to BC, right? Well, I need to do something before telling you all about it. I heard (even though still can’t belive it, gosh!) some detractors of mine suggesting that I WAS a “has been“???????????? Oh, really? Needless to say I was so shocked by this depressing news that I spent an entire afternoon shopping but even after that I felt sad. Anyways, world!!! I really don’t care at all! It’s not true. I couldn’t care less.
So, I won’t post ANY pics of thing I would love to wear next summer (no links or connexion with what I just wrote, ok?). But only for this post. Because I love fashion so much, I couldn’t bare not writting or talking about it. Here what I answer to people wondering about Spring/Summer 2011:

Everything’s in it. I’m right, right?

Talk to you soon, world!



About heyworldxo

I'm a Canadian student (I was born in Lebanon, then moved to France and finally ended in Ontario, which is THE best place to live)who tries to be a better person by sending positive messages and news to all my friends, supporters and (soon) fans!
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2 Responses to Hey, world! #17

  1. Madison says:

    This is exciting! Thanks for sharing the list. I loved Tom Ford’s show! -xo

    • heyworldxo says:

      Hey you guys,

      Thank you so much for visiting my blog!!!!!!!!! I’m so glad you both leave comments and I mean it 🙂

      @chickbone lullaby: oh, please don’t be fired because of me!!!!! Maybe you can show my blog to your boss lol ^^ Please try to be there!!!! I already booked front row seats! How exciting is this????? LUV YA xoxoxoxoxo

      @Madison: Oh my god, I loved it too! So amazing, right? And u’r welcome for the list you know, I love sharing fashion tips with people fascinated by fashion as well! I’ll keep you updated, dear! Take care xoxo

      Talk to you soon, XOXO


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