About ME !

Updates / Fall 2012:

Fed up with being a student in boring Toronto daily routine (though I love you, Toronto!), I’ve decided to change my life – yay!
Fate and Destiny are just concepts. I’m real. So I’m the only Fate of my Destiny.
To put it in a nutshell (oh yeah, baby, I’ve learned some words too!), I moved in to NYC, found a job as a PA of the manager of an art gallery in Brooklyn and decided to live the dream of every girl that read/saw Evil wears Prada. Except that I already wear Prada.

”Life’s a bitch, be a whore” is not my moto anymore. I’m a true optimistic and I’ve decided to spread the word. So, to be clear, I’m not going to be the person I’m supposed to be anymore, as that cute Frenchie says in the commercial. Or whatevs. You know.


Hey, world!

Welcome to my life! Or shoud I say: “Welcome to my NEW life!”…Indeed, I wanna start over and come clean: yes, I was a famous party girl in Toronto, but that was before. Since my former break up – and the very painful and harsh time I went through – I adopted resolutions, like new year resolutions you know. Oh, but, wait! Isn’t it THE perfect topic and speach for my first post? See ya there!




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